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An Exhortation on Leadership (Pastor Yemi Davids)

Everything rises or falls on leadership.

When you impact a leader you impact a team.

When you impact a pastor you impact the entire congregation.

When leaders go down things go down so investing in leadership should be encouraged everywhere.

Every time an arm is not functioning well you look at the leader, it’s not the team, it’s the leader.

Fortunately, or unfortunately the decision made by the leader is binding on the led

Some of us would have turned out better if our parents were better, its leadership. Because leaders make decisions not teams and the decision made by the leader is binding them.

So the quality of the man or woman making such decisions matter. If the head is not correct the nation will not be correct.

Leadership is either a blessing or a curse, so regardless of the role you are playing as a leader ask yourself ‘am I a blessing or am I hindering peoples progress?’

Develop your leadership capacities. Whatever field you’re in, invest in leadership development.

Your capacity to administer not just minister will impact on your organization, family or your team members.

It’s a disaster to stay under a non-growing leader. Leaders should grow every day.

A church cannot grow beyond the capacity of the leadership team, not just the leader. So every leader should be very selective. Challenge your leadership team, not everyone fits that team.

Some leaders have people that have been sent to them to cover their nakedness, don’t compete or fight with them. That you can’t do somethings doesn’t mean it won’t be done, God will send someone to you that can do it. So every Saul must know that David is sent and must allow David to perform if he won’t be ashamed.

The success of any leader is hidden in those sent to him. Regarding that area of weakness that you have, are there Josephs or Davids or Daniels that have been sent to you to be proficient in areas the ministry needs? So you don’t have to be distracted from your purpose.

– Armed with enough humility anyone can learn from anybody. Leadership development demands a lot of humility. Its dangerous to allow age, tribe and experience to hinder your learning. Because many of the things you need to know are hidden in people you don’t like.

(Spiritual) pride stunts your growth.

Be careful not to tribalise yourself. The western world works by systems. Systems do not respect emotions, you conform. Put systems in place. Church is beyond preaching alone.

-Grit. Perseverance. You can’t afford to give up, it has to work. Willingness to become.

And every ministry must be determined to be extra ordinary. Be outstanding. The kind of container   you take to the ocean determines what you get. How hungry and determined are you to make an impact on your generation? Be careful of titles or things that keep you retired. Every generation must build on the work of the previous. We mustn’t remain spectators.

Do you see yourself breaking boundaries and doing great things? If you do, do you have enough madness in you to stay on it until it happens? Stubborn faith. Do not be silenced in your generation.

If you don’t have grit you will start reducing the size of your vision. Think big., see yourself on global platforms. Jesus must be honored in multitudes.

Value growth. Have a hunger for unusual impact.

-Walk in unity. A united front will make any organization progress. Fight strife like you fight satan. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand, one is too small to achieve greatness so we need to work as teams. The vision will only be accomplished in the place of unity. The moment the unity comes down the vision will come down. The vision stops when unity stops.

Every part of the church must respect every other part. Value seemingly hidden parts of the church. Fight gossip like you fight satan. Learn to confront people.

-Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way. Preference is a function of quality and excellence. Every time you make an improvement on your place of business, there will be growth, man will come. Man looks at the outward appearance, the outward appearance matters! Motives are important but invest in what will attract men.

Invest in excellence. Excellence is a function of you first. Personal grooming is important. Little things are important, don’t live life like a confused man. Your wardrobe is important. Audit and edit your life. What you dint need throw out. Be simple. You don’t need a lot, let the little you have be excellent.

He that will hit the world must learn global protocol. Many of the things we’re praying for we’re not ready for it. Go and work on the future you’re praying about. Work on your physical well-being. Your body is important. If you know that you’re supposed to inspire people work on yourself.

People look to leaders for inspiration, for guidance. How you are matters.

-Assimilation is one of the challenges that churches and organizations face. Every church must work to keep people IN the church especially first timers. Delay can be dangerous. Extending time unnecessarily is wrong. Maintain discipline, brevity, flow of service, purpose of the meeting.

Disorder will not take you forward, if you’re not under authority God vacant give you kingdom things. Pay attention to your dressing and outlook. Let the message be relevant and applicable. Learn from organisations you look up to. Invest in knowledge and training your workers.

Learn to ask the Holy Spirit questions. Attitude is important. The Holy Spirit will be specific about answers and instructions where each person is concerned. Pay Attention and obey.