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G R A C E (Pastor Taiwo Odukoya)

G R A C E (Pastor Taiwo Odukoya)


Come what may in your life God’s grace is sufficient,

No matter how horrible, how bad, how terrible, God’s grace is sufficient.

Grace kicks off when you’re powerless

No matter how weak the church is, it’s still the church of Jesus Christ, there’ll always be a remnant.

We are the church today that will be here tomorrow.

If you’re a Christian what are you preaching if it’s not grace? We preach grace by default.

Grace is the greatest thing in the bible, the basest of scriptures.

At the root of grace is the covenant we have with God

2 Sam 9

We all know David was a peculiar king, He never faded, getting stronger by the day although dead.

Every position has a tenure; every glory fades off, but in Christ Jesus we shine brighter.

Your best decision is to receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

**(What you achieve are accomplishments and if you leave no one behind you have no legacy)

God looked for David, God ordained him king but didn’t give him a throne to reign from

He was a divinely ordained king with no throne but today he’s the only king whose throne is forever!

David was a warrior that never lost a battle, He was conscious of Gods covenant all his life.

He remembered Jonathan in spite all he suffered at his father’s hands, he never forgot the covenant.

We qualify because of the covenant, we have a superior covenant, the blood of Jesus!

When you know you’re qualified you have the confidence

Grace is the language of the covenant. Grace qualifies people.

Grace is an unusual force; it takes it root in the covenant.

Man may fail God never breaks His covenant.

Covenant will always get God to show kindness and when He does, the world has no choice.

God lives to show kindness from the moment He said ‘Let us make man….’

God will not deal with man except through covenant.

Grace will seek you out. Great grace is upon you and it separates you from everyone.

If it is God it id Grace, and if it is Grace Faith must manifest. You have to believe.

Nothing displeases God more than man doubting Him.

Having found you, the first thing grace will deal with is fear.

The moment fear goes, power, love, sound mind takes over.


Grace will not only seek you out and knock out the fear, it’ll give you access, it’ll relocate you.

Jude 4 (Amp Version)

Grace is no license for sin, it’s the power over sin.

Grace restores.

Grace gives supernatural provision.

The greatness of grace is the greatness of God.

The grace flowing from the covenant will always look for you.

Grace will sustain you and keep you so you will finish well.

Grace, Covenant, makes you perfect, complete, capable, fit.

It equips you with everything good that you may carry out His will.