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Halleluyah challenge

Halleluyah challenge

Someone said halleluyah challenge is hypocrisy because prayers should be done in secret, and started quoting Matthew 6:5-8

Is that for private prayer or corporate worship?

On Sunday morning, should we all go under our beds and start praying in secret?

Is that what you want?

Were Peter and John not going to the TEMPLE to pray at 3pm when they met the man at the beautiful gate?

Did the early church not meet at Solomon’s Porch REGULARLY (Acts 5:12)? What were they doing there?


Did the people not greatly magnify them (Acts 5:13)?

Paul and Silas asked the prison guard to show them into the prison studio at midnight, complete with disco jockey and headphones abi?

Why will envy rob you of the simple ability to read?

Oya shout three halleluyahs to Olowogbogboro

That it may be well with all the church of God.