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Law and Grace

When someone does not know how great a sinner he was, he cannot love God. A person who loves God knows how great a sinner he was, but he does not bear the burden of guilt, he bears the burden of forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a burden. It is a light burden because it is freely given, but it is not so light as to be counted as nothing. It is of very great cost.

Grace is abundant, yet precious; treasure, not waste; freely, yet not cheaply given.
Grace is not abundant because it is cheap. It is abundant because my sin is great. That Jesus died for me shows how great His grace is, but that He had to die shows how great my sin was.
When the law came, it first showed me I was a sinner who should fear God’s judgment; And I began to cry out for Christ;

But when grace came, it showed me the size of God’s love; and for the first time I understood how a great sinner I was. I began to thank God for Christ.
When I saw my sin, I thought it was bad, but I didn’t know how terrible it was until I saw God’s forgiveness. It was so great, so abundant!

So the strict law showed me I was a sinner and condemned me, but abundant grace really showed me how great a sinner I was and then embraced me.

The law makes me a sinner, grace makes me (know I was) a greater sinner (than I thought I was)
The law brought the burden of guilt, but grace brings the burden of forgiveness.
The burden is such that I rest in God, so that when I stand before Him, I don’t think of how much I sinned, but of how much I have been forgiven.

Not how much I offended, but how much I am loved.
Before, sin was the yoke and guilt -the burden. Thank God! Now, grace is the yoke, and forgiveness is the burden.
Guilt is terrible, but forgiveness is gentle.
Guilt makes me know how bad I am, forgiveness makes me know God’s love is so much greater.
When I was guilty, even though I knew He was right and I was wrong, I blamed God, I hated Him. I couldn’t be that bad, could I?

When I saw God’s forgiveness, I wept. For the first time, I saw the evil of sin. How can I forget? How can I trifle with the evil that killed my best Friend?!
When I was guilty, I lived in constant fear of God’s judgment, but when I received forgiveness, I broke down with sorrow. I repented.

Guilt condemned me, but forgiveness convicted me.
Forgiveness unhinges your past. It uncreates your past. This means you cannot go back to what you were. All things have become new.

The man who leaves everything including his rights, opinions, and ambitions behind to follow Christ is the only man who knows he has been justified by grace alone.
Someone who wants his slate wiped clean quickly, who wants to quickly forget everything that has happened, so that he can go back to his life and keep doing what he wants; has not discovered the grace of God.
He has not received God’s forgiveness. It has been given, but he has not received it, or he has forgotten that he received it.

And to forget it is to waste it.
He who knows how he was forgiven. Does not forget.
He remembers.
That is the burden of forgiveness.