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LUKE 19:13, MATT 28:19

We need to go beyond being disciples in nations to disciplining nations.

You are disciples in all nations of the earth and from that level you disciple nations.

You need to be serious about your life, you need to shine forth as light.

Eph 3:9-11

Eternal purpose means the purpose that will never change. Christ’s entire intention was for the church to rise and show the world eternal wisdom.

Take your position, rule.

Rev 11: 15

The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God …. How will He reign? Through us.

He has made us kings and priests, as He reigns, we reign.

Rev 5:9-10, Rev 11:15

There are seven mountains (Sectors of the world):

Politics and government




Art n entertainment

Economy and business


Everything about man revolves around these seven mountains.

Satan has strategically put people in authority over these seven mountains. That’s why he seems so effective.

Satan does not have the ability to create, he just perverts what God creates.

The devil understands these seven mountains very well, and although he’s still limited in resources (demons) he’s very strategic

Satan doesn’t have the time to corrupt everyone he just targets the top authorities that can influence these mountains (sectors).

Daniel 7: 8-21

Authority is always important. It can never be underrated. Its either the saints rise and sit on the throne or you intercede for those that sit on the throne. Either way the throne is the bone of contention.

The media has the ability of shape what a generation thinks about God.

The devil goes for the highest, corrupts those there and begins to tell them what to say.

The devil goes for people who are in authority.

The media shapes how people think. It can shake the mentality of the whole world. Leaders have influence, saints should not joke with leadership.

Jesus said take charge till I come. That’s the only way Jesus reigns (through the saints) but we need to reign at the highest levels.

Luke 19:13

Occupy the place that God has placed you. Shine your light.

This is also why you don’t joke with souls that come your way. No matter who they are.

The time has come fir saints to rise up, shine the light, take up positions of leadership and impact their world.

Two things should be our priority, defending the poor and advancing the kingdom.

1 Tim 2:2

If you know people of God in authority pray fervently for them. They need our prayers desperately. the power play around the throne and places of authority is very intense.

If you don’t occupy the devil will take advantage pf that place.

Anything a christian does is ministry. No matter what it is.

Every day your life counts. There’s a warfare going on and we have a part to play.

Open your eyes,

Righteousness exalts a nation but righteous people must come in and take their place.

When its comes to power and authority satan understands but the saints don’t.

The president of a nation can lead the entire nation to war.

A leader can make an entire nation poor. The pioneers pf anything what they believe is very important, it binds on the entire society.

This is why we need to prosper, we need to aim for the top to aspire to places of leadership and authority.

Luke 4:5 , Matt 28:19

The idea of you rising to the top of your career is paramount, very important.. The influence and impact you make in the world is important.

Every man made rule is weak. If you give God a chance you can bring forward a superior argument.

Take note of these things:

Have a vision. If you don’t have one you will follow someone that has one.

No man can succeed without a vision. Once your schedule can be changed easily you are not visionary.

Being able to discern where you are right now is one of the greatest discoveries any man can make. You should be able to answer the question Where are you? What is your vision? What are you living for? What are you passionate about?

Vision will empower anybody. Have a plan. Dream big, not small. Avoid distractions

Rev 5:10

You are kings and priests. Reign!