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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Partners?

Partners are friends of the Household of David (both members and non-members) who are committed to sowing financially on a regular basis to help move forward the vision of the church.

How can I become a Partner?

You can become a Partner by following the simple steps below.
1. Click here to fill the Partnership form OR visit the Information stand during our church services to pick up a physical form.
2. Complete and submit the form; your Partnership Identification Number (PID) will be automatically generated for your use.
3. Start giving your Partnership Seed immediately here or via any of the other methods available.

Can I decide how my Partnership Seed is used?

Absolutely! You can choose your preferred focus area(s) such as Church Facility, Welfare, Conferences/Special Programmes, Publicity, etc. as indicated in the Partnership form.

How often can I give my Partnership Seed?

You can give your seed as often as is most convenient for you. You can decide to give Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually. Just indicate your preference when you fill the Partnership form

How much can I give as my Partnership seed?

There’s a package available for everyone, you can choose from the different categories available (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond), and entry is from N1,000 and above- details are included in the Partnership form.

How can I give my Partnership seed?

You can give your seed through any of the methods listed below.
1. Click on Give your Partnership seed and you will be redirected to our safe and secure payment link, where you can complete the process of giving your seed.
2. Do a bank transfer to Household of David Collections, First Bank, 2032100143.
3. Visit the Information stand to use our dedicated POS unit during any Church service.
4. Put your seed in the Partnership envelope you will be given by our ushers during our Church services.

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