School – Household Of David |


There is this fundamental literacy
Needful for man
That the Writ alone provides
As no other can

the Teacher
Is three Persons
His Plans, and Purposes
The very lessons

Where he
Shown to proper grade
Is distingushed by the One
In Whose image He is made

And Earth
More than geoid
Is given to him, no longer
Without form, or void

Where we learn of sin
The rebellion it induces
Its blinding eclipse
The Death it produces

The dreadful Fall
The evil one
The coming of grace
The servant Son

Of judgment
From the fire of the conscience
Available in all – quenchable
To The fire for the unconscionable
And that- unquenchable

That neither Pythagoras, nor Plato
Einstein, nor Sophocles, nor Hippocrates, nor Malthus nor Einstein, nor Schroedinger, nor Darwin, nor their forbears, nor their proselytes could teach us?

That greater than Solomon-
than Shakespeare, than Socrates, greater than Aristotle, Ahithophel, than Ghandhi, greater than Nostradamus – is here

Is there not a Cross?
Upon which a Lamb was slain?
Is it not our greatest plus?
Dead, buried, in Him risen again?

For if in this world alone
we are hopefuls
We must be of all men
les miserables

Adding to geometry,
To stoichometry;
To syntax, to Marx,
To tellurite, to tebibyte
To immunity, and to indemnity
To circuit board and sculpted gourd
To polity, and property,
To the business of the day

The common debt, the upward way
The eternal will, the sainted life
Grace, Election, the living Word
Peace, joy, the end of strife

Faith in God, healing, salvation
Healing, forgiveness, grace abundant
The greatest law, the higher call
Unspeakable joy, immortal glory, covenant

For kings, lepers, the cruel, the proud
His voice breaks death to plant the Seed
O pitiful, o cruel, o covetous, o crowd
He stoops in Christ, to touch your need

Hasten therefore, come be taught
Rise from self, fall from vanity
Buy the truth, and sell it not
Be the righteousness in a world of iniquity

For if in this thing thou wilt be schooled
Acknowledging God within the heart
Then man by stupor of futility shall no more be fooled
He’ll stretch to heaven’s height upon this earth.