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Seeing From Where You Are

Seeing From Where You Are

Where there is no vision the people perish .

One of the ways through which God communicates with us is through visions which is your future as heaven sees it.It might be yet to happen on earth but it’s done already in heaven .

God is the alpha and omega. He doesn’t need a time frame.
Remember this, Beyond your fear and weakness God sees strength! Therefore it is very
important what you see.
A future that you don’t see inside you will never happen because It’s the picture that’s settled in
your heart that will be reproduced.
The ability is within you but you need to learn to work it.
The vision of God’s plan for your life must dominate you and so If God cannot correct the picture
in your heart then you can’t get any results .
God wants you to see what He sees above your desire for Him to see what you see and you
need to come out of yourself to see what God sees.
Look from where you are. Don’t look at where you are.
Channel spiritual energy the right way.
There are the plans of God for your life and there are oppositions to it. Pay attention.
Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. If you’re under any
transgenerational yokes lay hold and meditate on this scripture. You’re set free in Jesus Name.
There are things prepared for you.These things are revealed by the Spirit. John 16: 13
Where often we see weaknesses God sees strength.
Only your imagination limits or imprisons you because whatever you see inside, if you maintain
that picture it’ll become your reality.
Gen 13:15
Look from where you are.
Eliminate the dream killers and distractions around you.
People who don’t add anything to you.
God waited until Lot left before speaking to Abraham…its very important the people that are part
of your life’s journey.
Stop playing nice, it’s not a fruit of the Spirit .
Have focused beneficial relationships.
Be disciplined in decision making.
Gen 13:17
It’s the land you see that can be given to you so train your imagination to see.
You need to get to a destination in your heart first before you get there physically.
You can’t live above the wisdom operating in your life.
Your capacity from within must be enlarged to be able to handle somethings.
Look from where you are. It starts from within.
Focused people are blind to other things.
Ask yourself these questions: What are you known for ? What exactly are you living for? What
is your life’s purpose?

Lord open my eyes to see what you see.

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