Sovereign Grace (Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo) – Household Of David |

Sovereign Grace (Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo)

Sovereign Grace (Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo)

Sovereign Grace is when the superior leans in the direction of the inferior, when it is not because of you but in spite of you.

It is not every one that is suffering that prospers (Yoruba proverb). So the amount of hard work does not necessarily translate to prosperity or gain.

There is something that simplifies life, its called the grace of God.

When God decides to lean in your direction in spite of who you are, in spite of your mistakes you might call it the favour of God, the unusual kindness of God, the mercy of God.

Favour is a synonym of grace, and to be favoured means to be served first even if it won’t go round.

Grace is the impartial partiality of God.

When God decides to lean in your direction your life becomes a question that nobody can answer; you become a mystery to yourself, this is grace.

Grace is not definition it is experience.

The grace of God simplifies life.

Looking at the story of David, he wasn’t perfect. Bible scholars have given us at least eight major reasons why he shouldn’t have been king of Israel but God does not consult your past to determine your future.

It does not matter what people say about you,when God chooses, He chooses.

David said “…and God liked me” .

God has a weakness, once He likes you He likes you . He is a loyal God from generation to generation.

One reason why he shouldn’t have been king was that he’s mother wasn’t married to his father. Your background does not mean your back should be on the ground. When God likes you He likes you! It doesn’t matter who hates you. Its inconsequential.

Success is always more difficult to manage than failure. That’s why some people have not been lifted beyond where they are because God knows that if He lifts them He will lose them.

Success is a wild animal, if you don’t know how to tame it , it can tear you up.

When God graces a persons life He puts in it wealth, property,rest…etc (Psalm 112).

And an evidence of great grace is HELP.

Life has been designed in such a way that you cannot live all by your self,. You are a free being but you’re not an independent being.

GREAT GRACE: The help of God transmitted through the help of men.

There are no great men, only helped people. The reason why some people are struggling today is because they lack help.

There were people who were in David’s life that helped him be an expression of Grace:

  1. Prophet Samuel (1 Sam 16)

We all need a Samuel , a prophet in our lives. Someone that is not jealous or envious of you, Someone that can protect you and protect your interest.

The reason some people are stuck in a rut and haven’t made much progress is because they lack a spiritual covering.

You might be age mates with spiritual authorities like you, HOD, Pastors, etc but not grace mates.

You cannot see your pastor and say ‘Hi’ and expect to be high in life.

There are people that step into your life and the storms of life just stop.

There are people that must be in your life because of whom certain things can’t happen to you.

God is covenant conscious.

Who is in your life that God will look at and have mercy on you?

Who is your father? your Samuel? your mentor?We worship God but we honour men.

It is spiritual indecency not to be under a covering, not to be accountable.

A Samuel in your life is your brake system, without which you are accident prone.

Who do you fear??

In politics it is SELECTION not ELECTION, they know who will be the next president.

Its only a matter of who’s in your camp and whose camp you are in.

Show me your camp and i can predict what will happen to you cos you smell like the camp/ company you keep.

Your camp is the prophecy of your future.

Life is a fight,you’re either fighting or someone is fighting on your behalf.



MERCY, HELP, GRACE are just expressions of God’s unusual kindness in your direction.

Everybody needs a Jonathan, a God sent person.

There are places your hand may never be able to get to if not for a Jonathan.

That was the problem Vashti had, nobody spoke on her behalf.It wasn’t her husband that demoted her.

Be good to people, you don’t know Gods plan for their lives.

Don’t use your position to oppress people.

May God raise voices for you in the palace! Political, Ministerial,Career and Financial palaces.

What you have been looking for will look for you!


3. MICHAL (1 Sam 19)

There are husbands today that would have gone farther faster if not that they missed it in marriage.

There are wives today that would have been better women on earth if not that they didn’t marry the right man.

Marriage determines everything, pray for your children.

There are people you marry and every good thing in you is cancelled.

Once you get married you move from patience to endurance to long suffering

Be careful who you marry, it could even determine if you’ll make heaven.

There is no institution where your Christianity is tried like the institution of marriage ,where you need forgiveness the most because its the people that love most that hurt most.

David had issues in his marriage, with his children because the man that mentored him, laid hands on him had the same issues. Be careful who lays hands on you.



Beware of the following three people: Expired mentors, jealous colleagues & parasitic proteges.

Be careful how you share your dream.

You don’t need to go to the pit or Potiphar’s house before you get to the palace, that was for Joseph.

Beware of parasitic proteges and name droppers.” a fool uttereth all that is in his mind”

It is what you keep in the house of God that you will take the day you’re running from Saul.

What is speaking for you on the altar of God?

Do not joke with your tithes and offerings, you are first a christian before anything else because the battle now is altar versus altar.

There are people who do not wish you well. There are people who wish you would go to bed and not wake up , its the altar that would speak for you.

That is why Abraham, Jacob and Isaac always raised altars.

It is better to be cursed than to be ‘unblessed’.

Trust God with your talent, with your skill with your ability.

Don’t take Goliath’s sword home, drop it at the altar.

When trouble comes what is speaking on the altar on your behalf?

What have you done for the kingdom.



We all need an Abishai in our lives.

Better succeed at being number 15 than fail at being number 1.

Where are the Abishais that wont let their Davids die?

Where are the selfless Abishais?

Where are the men of David?

God is raising some people up to become Abishais so that the day you become a David and venom rises this speaks for you.

People that will intercede for those in spiritual authority that great grace be multiplied.

Use your treasure for the kingdom.

When you lift others up you go up.

You also go down when you push others down through your words , actions and attitude.