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That He May Bring Us to God (Pastor Ebele UzoPeters)

That He May Bring Us to God (Pastor Ebele UzoPeters)


There’s something that’s the greatest resource in the world, but it is so underutilized by those who are sons of the kingdom.

It’s wealth, richness, abundance, it’s a position.

Its means there’s nothing in your speaking, thinking or actions that contradicts the holiness of God.

This thing is defined as the capacity to stand before God, blameless.


James 1: 2

It means your life is right because God has made it right. Nothing missing, nothing broken.

Psalm 15:1

Christ died that we might believe, as we believe those signs follow is.

Faith in its original context is what takes a sinner and trans locates him to the kingdom of God. And when God looks at the person he sees himself in that person.

Psalm 24:3, Mal 3:1-2, 1Tim 6:14, Heb 12:28

God is light.

Jesus lived a life of righteousness. If Jesus were to live your life for a full day there will be nothing amiss or displeasing to God. That’s why He came.

Heb 4, Gen 15:6, Gen 4:22-23

Righteousness is not doing things right in your own eyes..And Abraham believed God and it was counted to Him  to him as righteousness.

This means that salvation is an account, righteousness is the capital and faith is the ATM card!

Wealth is not what God gives you, it is the giver of the gift, wealth is the presence of the one that gives you the gift.

Righteousness is not saying or doing the right things, it is dwelling in the presence of God. Jesus died to bring you to God not so you stop lying or cheating.

Some people don’t last in church because they’ve always been standing before men not understanding why Jesus died. Their righteousness is like filthy rags. It’s also the same reason why some people cants pray, get distracted while praying or entertain fears.

Jesus died to bring us to God.

When we discover the reason, our service will be different.

Righteousness is wealth.