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The Supremacy of Love (Pastor Joshua Ademuwagun)

Judges 15:9-15, 2Cor 5:17

If any man becomes born again, he is a new creature…. Something changes in the realm of the spirit that’s deeply powerful.

We are ambassadors for Christ. Representatives. We are not born again for ourselves but to do something.

We are representing God’s government here on earth. And so our speech and action is directly interpreted here as from above. That is how powerful representation is.

We represent the kingdom of God in 3 dimensions:

  1. Power
  2. Wisdom and
  3. Character

Our character says something about where we came from. We behave a certain way and think a certain way. We need to understand this and align our lives accordingly.

1 Cor. 12:27 -13;1

Christianity is actually the outliving of the in living Christ.

So we can do awesome things but what shows that we are believers is deeper than our actions. But there’s something just anyone can’t replicate.

Beyond speaking in tongues you must ensure that the love factor is in place. If we don’t walk in love something is wrong with that Christianity.

Everything that grace has given will take faith to appropriate in your life, So grace has given us all things but it is by faith that we appropriate those things that grace has given.

Gal 5:6

Faith is energized by love. When you think you’ve done it all and something’s still wrong one of the first areas you check is your love walk, faith is a compulsory course in the kingdom.

The same way we can create an atmosphere where the holy spirit can be manifested through praise and worship, we can also create an atmosphere for the devil to work through strife, fear, envy, etc

1 Cor 13

Motives are very important to God.

Love endures long and is patient and kind…it’s never envious nor boils over with jealousy. You might think you are right but you are wrong, love doesn’t insist on its own right.

Selfishness is one of the things that as believers we must kill. Love is not self-seeking, its not touchy or resentful.

Your depth of love is shown when people offend you and you can still love them. People will do things that will hurt you but love will cover it. Love gives an excuse for people.

Love is the software that makes our faith effective. It pays no account to evil done to it. We love regardless, it’s the way of our kingdom. Love believes the best of every person.

Love never fails, its strategy never fails. Two ways we can walk in love:

Giving and Forgiving

Live a lifestyle of giving and not hoarding

Learn to forgive!

Consider the story of Samson. The anointing upon your life is not to attack your brethren, it’s to attack the enemy. Notice that the elements of the full armor of God are all in front and there’s nothing at the back. That because we already should have each other’s back.

Learn to forgive and move on. The energy we use to fight each other should be used to fight the energy.

Nothing beats the strategy of love. It never fails.

Allow love to govern your life. Love in word and deed and truth. Kill the gossip.

Ask God to teach you to love. Separate what people do from who they are.