The Switchblade – Household Of David |

The Switchblade

Worthless! Useless! Insignificant!

That is what we thought of ourselves

That is what people thought of us

We were the bad and the ugly


We were the harlots on the street corners

Trading our bodies to make a living

We were the homosexuals in the army

Valiant in battle but weary in spirit


We were the teenagers who went fornicating

Several abortions and still counting

We were the married bosses around the city

Harassing women for fleeting pleasure


We were the couples married today

And by tomorrow we couldn’t keep it going

We were the fathers without a job

In an economy without any hope


We were the parent of a sickly child

Never known a normal day

We were the husbands of a dying wife

Alive but could as well be dead


We were the outcast

The insignificant trash of the society

We were the bad and the ugly,

Plus everything in-between


We were without hope in this world

Our throat, as it were, constantly at the edge of the switchblade

We despaired of life

We just couldn’t take it anymore


Then something happened!


We called unto the Lord: And Light came!

And we saw the way; the cross that saves

The light led us in the right path

The cross linked us to a better place


Our captivity was turned around

We were like they that dream

For our frequent mourning

We now had a garment of praise


The many years the worms had eaten

The cross restored in multiple folds

Even though we walk in darkened shadows

We now fear no evil at all


We now have a new life

Made partakers of the divine nature

We are now the toast of all creation

The joy of many generations


We are the Church

The Household of Faith

The Body of Christ

His fullness that fills everything



Adisa Oludare
Adisa Oludare
I am called into God's family according to the election of grace.