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True Riches( Apostle Joshua Selman)

True Riches( Apostle Joshua Selman)

EphesiansΒ  1:3

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ”


  1. Every believer must understand that he is blessed.
  2. Every believer must know that these blessings are Spiritual
  3. Every believer must know that though the blessings are spiritual ( not visible) they are in no way UNreal
  4. And lastly every believer must know that these blessings are in heavenly places, IN CHRIST


Many times we are carried away by material things (physical substance), money, cars, houses but these are all mundane things, they do not have the capacity to reproduce after their kind except we have an understanding of the TRUE RICHES which we possess in CHRIST.


Every physical thing, be it money, cars, houses are only temporary, they are subject to change. The spiritual blessings/true riches are permanent, they can in no way change. They are the mechanism that produces a constant flow of physical blessings meaning they can translate to whatever form of physical substance we want.


The understanding of this will help you see your job as a channel that helps in translating spiritual blessings to physical substances and not as the anchor/source of your blessings.


You must understand that life is very Spiritual. The Spiritual controls the physical, so whatever happens in the physical is just a reflection of that, that as taken place in the spiritual.

Hebrews 11:2 “For by it (Faith) the elders OBTAINED a good report” KJV


We OBTAIN by faith in this kingdom.


Faith is the factor that helps receive the true riches and helps converts it into material things whenever the need arises. The understanding of this will never make you fidget about a loss in your business or a downsizing in the company, that has affected you but you know that since you possess TRUE RICHES another channel will definitely open up to you.


N.B These blessings we have are only found IN CHRIST because it is an anointing that singles you out and causes kings and queens to favour you.Β  It is a package that follows all believers.


The understanding of the eternal riches we have IN CHRIST is open to us today in Jesus’ name.