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Exodus 8-10

Worship by nature is not done in a common way.

Worship is an expensive thing to the flesh.

2 Sam 24:21

Everything happening in the natural realm has some spiritual strings pulling it.

*Anything we do for God that convenient is good but cannot be rewarded.*

Worship s not singing but when you sing in the time of defeat it is worship, the nature of worship brings an answer almost immediately.

At times God looks at people and says  ‘i want to move i your midst’. This is one of those days.

The anointing is always on a person, a season or a place.

Psalm 67

The kingdom must always be your priority no matter what.

You are about to experience massive miracles of abundance, God is lifting you beyond your imagination BUT see ye first the kingdom of God.

Do not lose the kingdom for anything.Do not gamble with the things of God.

With all the abundance that God is going to bless you with live for Him. Have Jesus at the center of your life.

Wherever God is sending you to you’re going there to conquer and stand out not to blend in

Worship is expensive to the flesh. Its not meant to be convenient, it should stretch you. It should come at a cost.

The projects in your life are receiving a quantum leap.

You are receiving grace for project completion.

Every abandoned project in your life is receiving life.