Good morning church

I am here to boldly say I am God’s Delight and His mercy is speaking for me. I have come to return all the glory to the name of The Lord Jesus.

I was in so much anxiety over my daughter’s school fees. I even contemplated selling my gold jewelry  to pay her fees. Hmmmmm…. God has a huge sense of humour. Just as I got to the shopping plaza to sell at the car park, a friend called and asked me if I was ok and I said “no I’m in Yaba to sell off my gold”. The next minute, I received a bank alert of the fees I needed to offset my daughter’s school fees and more and just shortly after, another call and another bank alert and then another. Yes I received much more than I even expected!

After mercy encounters, Pastor Sola said the lord will surprise us and yes, The Lord came through for my house rent to a beautiful flat and I was just still telling The Lord I need a shop. This is where I knew that The Lord has surely laid His mighty Hand of restoration on me.

A friend of mine called and told me his  late aunty’s shop is all stocked up with no one to handle the business and boom! The keys to the store at a wonderful location at Oregun were handed over to me filled with all the things I asked God for during mercy encounters. Please shout “thank you JESUS” on my behalf. 

All I have asked the lord provided – a new spacious and beautiful home for me and my daughter, 

a beautiful shop loaded with goods and yes, the rest of all I asked is on the way!