I want to thank God for his abundant supply.

I noticed that my salary has never been enough for me no matter the disciplinary measure I put in place. I always had to borrow money to sustain myself before the next salary came and the cycle continued that way.

In August, I decided to partner with the Household of David and began committing a certain amount of my finances to the Mercy Seat project every month. In September, during the Mercy Conference a missionary was invited to speak briefly and again I was led to commit a part of my finances to that missionary ministry.

Since that month, I have realised that my finances mysteriously started becoming enough. I have had no reason to ever borrow money again. My salary has not increased yet, but I have been finding financial favour from every side. God has included me on his personal payroll and I know this is just the beginning.

Indeed, it pays to serve Jesus with our time, strength and resources. Hallelujah!