God has been faithful to my Family.

6 years ago, my husband lost his Job. We had to fall back on side hustles, where he gets the contracts here and there. God kept us though. He provided for us through those years, and for that I am grateful.

My husband is more of a career man, one with multiple masters and training in his field from home and abroad, so praying for a job never ended because that was what he desired. So, it was always a prayer point but people of God, the prayer point has been ticked off because God has done it.

My Father, Pastor Sola released a word two Sundays back. He said by the spirit that “the book of remembrance has been opened towards you this week”. I took the words to heart. 

When I got home I started quoting the “Believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper” scripture and it was my repeated prayer. People of God, the good news came the same week. Not the week after, the same week! He was called and congratulated for a job. This is one he had forgotten about, a job that was already given to someone else; their reasons were that my husband has the necessary experience and qualifications but not in the oil and gas sector, and this multinational company is an oil and gas company. How it happened we can’t say.

Weeks before, I had a dream where Pastor Sola was telling me not to tell anyone. I didn’t know what I shouldn’t tell anyone at first. But when this job was offered, we agreed with my persuasion that we won’t tell anyone till he signs his contract and resumes. I remember that about 4 years ago he had gotten an offer letter, the company emailed him to hold on, and they never got back to us again. No other offers since then. His two elder brothers also had this pattern where they were doing so well and went down, perhaps the same was to be my husband’s fate, But who is that, that will decree a thing and it will come to pass when the Lord has not said so? Putting all this together and praying more and more is when the dream started making sense. We agreed not to tell anyone like we did the last one and look at it now. 

He resumed on the 1st of June, 2023. A good job at a multinational with good benefits.

 I have come to return all Glory to God. The God of Wonders.