HOD Focused Groups is a social support system of the Household of David Church designed to promote godly fellowship, peer networking, sharing of resources, impact initiatives, and mentorship among believers in similar professions or having common goals and interests.

These groups are interest-based and time-bound. They afford you the opportunity to forge meaningful connections within a short period of time and encourage the continuous integration of new members with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Our primary purpose is
Foster Interaction

Between believers with like passions, similar life goals or at the same stage in their careers or professions.

Growth & development

Provide a platform for growth and development through mentorship and dynamic covenant relationships.

Networking and partnerships

Provide a platform for networking and partnerships within the church and community of believers at large.

Impact initiatives

Harness the different ideas, perspectives, talents and resources of those in the group for mutual edification and greater performance.

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Christian Apologists

This group is for all truth seekers in the body of Christ. The group aims to answer objections against the Christian faith, questions and concerns about the claims of the bible and the existence of God and Jesus Christ.

Fashion Industry

The aim of this group is to bring together entrepreneurs in the fashion industry who desire to connect with others in the same field and engage in learning activities designed to promote business development, improvement in productivity and sales through customer relationship management, marketing tips, use of social media for business promotion and so on.

Foodies and Caterers

This is a group for food enthusiasts and those who are caterers by profession. Food is an essential part of human life and we will be exploring and learning the benefits, preparation and preservation of different kinds of food and drinks from different parts of Nigeria and the world at large.

Fit Fam

This group is for fitness enthusiasts. Activities of the group include effective fitness training, body trimming and healthy dieting meal plans, strength exercises, cardiovascular exercises, balance exercise agility and flexibility, calorie restriction plans and so on.

Fresh Graduates

A group for fresh graduates from the higher institution and individuals awaiting call up to NYSC. In this group, we share knowledge, internship opportunities, discuss personal developments, career insights and group networking.

Medical Industry

This is a group for professionals in the medical industry, interacting, networking and impacting society at large through sharing of medical information and voluntary service.

HOD Football Club

This is a group for all lovers of football in the church. One of our key goals is to develop a football team for the Church and promote young talents that will play professional football and become superstars in the football industry. We offer periodic training activities and fun events such as inhouse tournaments, analysis of live football events and so on.

Bible Study Group

This group is opened to everyone across every sphere of life, as long as they are willing to grow in the understanding of God through the study of His word and walk in His light.

Watchmen For Nigeria

This is a group for those who have a passion for intercession with Nigeria as the central focus. It is open to all Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria,  who are either residents of the country or in the diaspora. As long as you love Nigeria with a sincere passion for interceding for Nigeria, you can join this group.

Single Parents Group

This group is specifically for single parents. No matter the circumstances, as long as you are a single parent, you can come on board. The objective is to unburden together, encourage each other in the Lord, learn to be better parents to our children and thrive together.

Beauty Industry

A group for professionals in the beauty Industry and beauty enthusiasts who are passionate about learning the art of beauty, caring for the body and maintaining a youthful look.

Newly Weds

This is a group for Newly Married couples within the first three years of marriage. Our aim is to foster healthy, godly and wholesome marriages through peer fellowship, practical teachings, bonding activities and mentorship.