On the 31st of January, I got an email from my employer. The email was listing ways I was not performing well in the company and how I have the whole of February to do better or they’ll end my contract at the end of that month. It was funny because all that they listed wasn’t true and didn’t apply to me. I wasn’t the only one who got the mail, a lot of people got it in the company too. I tried to set up a meeting with HR to let them see that all the accusations were not true but they ignored me.

What I could deduce from it was that the company needed a budget cut and they sent those emails to people they didn’t really need in the company just so maybe the employee will resign on their own. I was troubled and it was really a bad day for me. Mercy conference was supposed to start the next day (Feb 1st). I was going to take permission to work from home for that week so I could participate in the conference, but I couldn’t anymore. I had to be in the office. I decided to not worry about my job and actively participate in the conference from where I am in the morning and attend in the evening after work. I decided to trust God completely.

A previous version of me would have probably fallen into depression, but I kept my joy. One prayer I kept praying during the conference was that even if I lose my job, that God should give me a better job before my birthday in May this year. But brethren, God blew my mind.

On February 20th, I saw a job advert on a WhatsApp group for Data professionals that I was on. I applied for the data analyst job. Few days later, I got a case study to work on. Few days later, I was invited for an interview. The interview went well. On February 28th, the last day of the month, I got my offer letter. Like all this happened in 8 days! This job came with a better offer than my current job. Over 80% increase in salary. Also, 13th month salary and leave allowance that my current job does not offer. I’ll be resuming there on the 15th of March.

I just want to thank God that I wasn’t fired, I resigned instead. All glory be to God.