Good morning Church, 

I write to testify of the goodness of God. Indeed, God gives good things to them who ask Him. In  February 2022, I started a job  but started to fall sick every month for 3 months after starting the job. This wasn’t good for business and affected my productivity levels, so I resigned. 

First, I trusted God for healing and restoration of health; as I lost so much weight and blood. The cause of it couldn’t really be found but God healed me. I went ahead to trust God for another job in a better place with a better pay. I prayed, trusted and kept my faith alive. 

During the last Mercy encounters in 2022 and a Sunday service in church, words of knowledge came through Pastor Sola that there will be last minute miracles. I held on and prayed with the word. As declared, in December 2022, God gave me a job with a salary that is  twice what I earned at my last place of work and I resumed 23rd January, 2023.

Indeed, God is higher than the highest and I return all glory to Him.