Good day church,

I’m testifying to the goodness of God and his faithfulness in my life.

I’ve been believing God for a laptop for years after the one I had got faulty. I made attempts to get another one but it seemed difficult because whenever I have the money, something bigger comes up and I eventually use the money to sort the issue out.  Brethren, God did it as I got a Macbook pro from a relative abroad without paying a dime.

Secondly, I’ve been experiencing stagnancy in my academics for close to 10 years after finishing my diploma. I’ve not been able to do any course at all to help my career. Last month(March), I decided to apply for two courses which are for 4 weeks each. Lo and behold, I completed it and came out in flying colours beyond my expectation. Despite the obstaclesI encountered, God did it!

Thank you jesus!

Sis M.O