Good day church,

During the crossover service from 2021 to 2022, Pastor Sola told us to ask God for 3
specific things we wanted to do for us. One thing I prayed for was an increase in my
personal income and I put a figure to it which was over 200% increase in my salary at
that time. I didn’t know how God was going to do it but I believed God for it. Fast forward
till the end of the year, God exceeded my expectations and gave me a job that I didn’t
even apply for – the company reached out to me on LinkedIn and scheduled an
interview and the rest is history. I will resume in January.

Also, some weeks back, my younger brother escaped a kidnap attempt. While driving
home one evening, his car was blocked as he was entering his compound and he was
whisked away by the kidnappers. I was called a few mins later as my sister was crying
on the phone as she delivered the message but I knew God was too faithful to fail. I
immediately started to pray and a few minutes later, they called back to inform me that
he had been released.

Apparently the kidnappers’ car developed a fault a few minutes after they took my
brother and it was at a busy intersection so they had to abandon him and the car and

I have come to return all praise to God almighty
Brother E.N