Good day church
In January of this year I was suspended unjustly from my place of work and I made up my mind that I wasn’t going back. I chose instead to make drastic changes in my life and career.

In April, I transitioned to a tech role that would allow me work remotely and I acquired certificates to support my career goal. I tried to get international Jobs but I was getting rejections instead. I pressed on by reaching out to a Nigerian startup In June and informed them that I’d like to manage their software development team for free. I got the role and they even offered to pay a stipend but God wasn’t done.
Two weeks ago, a company reached out to me on linkedin for a 3-month fully remote project management role for a new application they are developing. They offered to pay 200,000 per month and I accepted the role, signed the contract and I’ve been scheduled to resume in November.

I am most grateful to God for this opportunity. The entire year had been financially challenging but I kept trusting God and moving forward and I still believe that I have received that international opportunity.
Also, God helped me move my factory from the small space it started in, to a large warehouse in time for my global expansion plan.

I believe that the talents and Grace I need will come to me, kings will submit their resources to the expansion of this business and it will experience a baffling global spread to become a household name early to the glory of God.