Good morning Church,

I’m an active online HOD member based in the UK.

After Pastor had preached on the 15th of January 2023, I went into my closet and prayed with the scriptures he shared. I then had a dream that same night that Pastor was rebuking and commanding someone or something out from my marital bed. Instantly I physically felt a huge burden lifted off me and felt a relief in my physical body. I’m not sick or anything like but I know I’ve been delivered, including my marriage career, children, husband, businesses, and all that which concerns me in Jesus name!

I was also pondering on why I wasn’t having any encounters during or after prayers. That same week, Pastor addressed this and said “Consistency in prayers is the key to experiencing encounters”. I then knew God had heard and was responding to me, via pastor.

My prayer life has also improved by God’s mercies.

Thank you Jesus for loving me and for your mercies!!