Good morning Church.

These testimonies are long overdue. God has been too faithful to me and my family. 

First, My sister in-law had been battling with severe headaches since last year. Some tests and scans were carried out and we were told there’s a small growth in her brain. The doctor referred us to a neurologist for a possible surgery and we took it to the Lord. We prayed and we praised.

 I remember God, speaking through Pastor Sola, said we need to have the correct picture and so I began to declare what I saw which was healing.I also prayed for a positive word for healing from the specialist and I started to write down the testimony we will give. To God be the glory, on the day of the appointment, the neurologist said the tumor was insignificant and will shrink without surgery but through medications, he was surprised about the referral because he said it really isn’t a big deal. My sister in-law is healed, the headaches are gone, she has been made whole. God is true and he is good! Hallelujah.

Second, My father has been going through financial challenges since 2015 and it affected the education of my younger siblings. Last year, we were struggling to raise money for her tuition and it would have affected her visa but God came through. Before God provided the school fees, she got her visa approval without submitting all the required paperwork. Today, to the glory of God, my sister has completed all school work and will be graduating soon by God’s grace.

 He indeed gave us victory over all.