I was privileged to take part in the 40 days of vigils that preceded mercy conference 2023. I discovered a painful lump in my breast and it was very hard like a stone and extremely painful. I just managed to come for the vigil the very day that this pain developed as instructed by the Holy Spirit. After the prayers when anyone that received word of knowledge or revelation was called out, a brother spoke about my case that “a sister is here you have a pain in your breast, breast cancer has disappeared” l received this word even though the pain persisted. I couldn’t even get to work the following day groaning in pains, l went to see a doctor who ordered for some investigations scan, mammogram which revealed cyst. I was scared at this point but kept on praying and continued with the vigil. 

Another day of the vigil the same brother came out and said “there’s a woman here with breast cancer that tissue is removed”, l received this word with faith. The doctor said he’s not comfortable with the results and ordered another FNAC which l went for on Monday of the week of mercy conference. I told God that this problem must go away with the conference. Now this pain had reduced a little but the bulky and hard lump was still there. l was just managing myself around. 

During the conference, there was a word of knowledge from Bishop Wale Oke that “there’s a woman here with a lump in your breast and it’s gone”. I received this word. The result of the FNAC took more than three weeks before it was out. A few days before the release of the result, l decided to see the doctor. I still touched this lump that  morning before going to see the doctor. To my greatest surprise when l lay down on the examination couch for the doctor to examine me he said he can’t feel anything here. l said “ah it’s there now” but when I placed my hand there to point to the doctor where the lump was, l didn’t feel anything again. 

The result of the FNAC came out few days later and l sent to the doctor. The doctor said there’s no issue there and that l shouldn’t bother myself. 

Glory be to God. 

Sister A.O