Good morning Church,

I work with the administrative department of a real estate firm. Initially, work was great and the environment was wonderful but towards the end of last year, I got sanctioned twice for a fault that wasn’t mine. In fact, twice I have been threatened with “restructuring”. I was going to work with fear that it might be my last day.

During the cross over service to 2023, I kept praying and asking God to give me a job before they lay me off. I have been applying to other places but got no positive response – I’d go through the interview process and eventually I won’t hear a positive outcome.

I applied for a particular job and reading through the requirements, I knew I wasn’t qualified but still I applied (I usually don’t apply if I’m not qualified). Two days after my application, I got a call to ask if I’d be available for a virtual interview. The interview went well and I was told they’ll get back to me. 

Two Sundays ago, when pastor Sola was preaching, he said some things will not happen if we keep asking if it’s God’s will but we should rather take authority (permit me to rephrase). That word was for me! I began to use authority.

That Tuesday, I got a call from one of the HR officials  that I was successful in the first stage. On the 24th of March, I did the second stage of the interview but this time I felt it didn’t go well at all because all the answers to the questions were “no, I had zero experience in the field”. After the interview, I told myself “start looking elsewhere you performed woefully” but the more I kept telling myself that the more the Holy Spirit kept assuring me I got the job.

One hour later, the HR called again and in my mind I was 100% sure I DIDN’T get the job. But what I didn’t know is that GOD WAS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES, she called to discuss the terms of employment. Brethren! I GOT THE JOB and with an 84% increase in salary among other benefits.

Tobechukwu He has done it for me!