Good day Church,

My husband and I want to testify to the mercies of God in our lives, these are our testimonies:

1. This year will make us 4 years and 2 years respectively in HOD. We met here in HOD early last year when Pastor asked us to get to know people seated around us during the workers’ meeting. That same year Pastor Sola had a special prayer meeting for singles and asked us to pick our wedding date and we picked our preferred month in 2023. Long story short, we received help on every side as pastor declared and we are happily married today.

2. During Pastor Sola’s birthday, Pastor Femi led us to make a request. My husband and I have been trusting God for a new job that pays twice his salary and to God be the Glory, that same month someone recommended my husband for a job that pays over 2 times his former salary. 

3. I have been trusting God also for admission and my husband for his professional exams and by God’s mercies our prayers have been answered. 

We have come to thank God who does exceedingly above all we can think or imagine. To Him be all the Glory forever in Jesus mighty name AMEN.

Mr & Mrs N.O