Glory to God! 

God has been so faithful to me. During the night vigils in January, on one of such nights Pastor Sola spoke a word and said someone was struggling with pornography. He said that God was not angry with the person and that the person has tried to stop it. But, he said expressly that the addiction is over finally and will gradually go away. I am that person. It is finally over. I have stayed for four months now without having the urge to watch and do anything dirty. It is a big miracle for me because in the past, I couldn’t go for 1-2 weeks without manifesting that dirty addiction. 

Secondly God healed me of a persistent leg pain. It was so severe last year and early this year. But during the mercy conference, two different Ministers prayed for leg pains to cease and some persons came out to testify. I didn’t even remember I had any because there has been no more pain since the Mercy conference. It was during service last Sunday that the Holy Spirit reminded me of this testimony and that the pain is no more there and truly it isn’t.