Last Saturday morning, we – HOD Lekki people – went to evangelize and invite people to church and we moved in pairs.

And so on our way, we (my partner and I ) met with a man that was limping. I assumed he was coming from the hospital since we were near one. We invited him to church and continued on our way but I believed the Holy Spirit was nudging me to pray for the man. So, after two nudges I went after the man. I asked him some questions about the pain and its source and I asked him where he was going (he was going to buy drugs for the pain) and so we offered to pray for him to which he consented. 

I prayed a simple prayer that all pain leaves his body in the mighty name of Jesus and to the glory of God, this man was completely healed of his pain. He stomped his foot against the ground and he said the pain was gone and the joy on his face was so beautiful to behold – he just started thanking Jesus and I was in awe and tearing up. Jesus did that! My heart is full!

This man ran – YES he RAN – back to where he was coming from. He was no longer limping .

All glory belongs to God .

Where Jesus is present , sickness and pain cannot dwell. There is no name like Jesus !!!!!