Hello Church,

Late in January 2023, my boss at work just came up with several discussions of how our 7-8 months work relationship is not working. I found this hard to comprehend as I helped the founders of that company scale the business from zero to where it was at that time to the extent that they got qualified for YCombinator – a foreign investment company in the tech space. 

He went on and on about my performance which I was able to give the figures. Finally, he said he just didn’t want to work with me again. So I was advised to resign for that petty reason.  

So I became jobless. But before then in December of 2022, I had a nudge to look for a part-time job that they would not mind if I had another job since they were remote roles. I had launched the search before I was asked to resign. 

At the time I was not with a job, I began to do lots of interviews, but nothing interesting was coming. I kept rejecting a lot of offers because I had told God the kind of job I wanted. In that same December 2022, I had told my HOD to pray with me that I wanted a multinational job.

Alas, I was contacted by a tech company that needed a COO for a new product that has not gone for funding. They told me they don’t mind if I have another job as the product is still very new. As if that was not enough, in the same week, the multinational job I was also pursuing called to inform me about me getting the job. They sent the offer immediately and the pay comes in dollars. 

I just want to thank God that my prayers from December 2022 eventually came to pass. Even though I faced a challenge, I continued serving God, I kept confessing what I wanted, I didn’t allow myself to be distracted . God is indeed here. Pastor Sola made a lot of declarations that were just for me and my family and I knew I had already gotten my testimony even before it manifested. 

It is indeed so sweet to serve the Lord. Church help me praise the lord 

Brother  T.T.P