Good morning church ,
I joined HOD December 31st 2021, and I became committed, my financial status then
was on and off but I kept on believing. On the 14th of August 2022 , Pastor mentioned that someone would talk about us somewhere. I was so excited, I got home and my own “talk” was to pack out within two weeks. I had nowhere to go but before then, God had warned me against this particular
association for my own good and I neglected it.

I remembered the sermon again and I started dancing instead of crying because the money I was saving couldn’t even get any apartment. I heard in my spirit to sow all the money specifically to Pastor. I delayed the instruction because I said to myself that it was too small. During the August edition of mercy encounters, I obeyed and Pastor declared “fruitfulness” and “access granted”.

I keyed into it and three days later, a client of mine did a real estate partnership worth N7 million. Within 3 weeks, I sold another in 10 folds worth N77 MILLION! People of God, my contemporaries were so shocked at my sales speed! I was paid in 6 figures apart from my salary. The day I saw the alert,
tears dropped. It was like a dream.

Jehovah overdo, He surprised me! I want to thank Pastor Sola,Pastor Abby and every leader has given themselves to God for our sake. I also want to implore us to always obey God’s specific instructions and act on the word that comes forth from our Set man Pastor Sola …That association message was so timely for me!
Praise the Lord
Sister S.O