Hallelujah!! God is faithful on my behalf!

Last Sunday I listened to someone’s testimony being read out about passing an exam he knew he couldn’t have passed miraculously.

The Friday before, I got the results of an exam I had written 3 times and in one out of the 4 components, I kept getting below the score I needed to apply for my professional exam. I was devastated when I saw the results because I had put in more effort this time and prayed more. I was angry and said I wouldn’t write this exam again. After I had calmed down I was torn between sending it back to be re-marked or applying for the exam again. I decided I would take out time to seek God’s face because I was already on a spiritual exercise to have a relationship with God and I didn’t even have the money at the time. 

On Sunday I heard the testimony and I concluded I would send it back to be remarked that by next Sunday my testimony would be read out too. It cost £120 to remark, I was a bit scared but I trusted God and told him that the money I am sending for it to be remarked is God’s money and I am just lendinging them because you get a refund if your score changes. I kept praying and repeating “it is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but of God that showeth mercy” (Romans 9:16) and I kept asking for mercy. To be honest I didn’t pray so much, just after my usual night prayer I would say “God concerning this exam…” and repeat the verse again.

On Wednesday I went home during my work break and got this urge to just praise, dance and thank God. I didn’t know for what but I just felt within me that my paper was being examined at the moment.

On Thursday morning I saw a bank alert of £120 refunded. I was shocked. I didn’t get any Email about the outcome so I went straight to my account to check if my results had changed.

I was amazed I got the exact upgrade I needed. Chai my God is so faithful. And God’s money has been given back to him????. Praise God.