Good morning Church,

I just want to thank God for preserving my family. I have 2 testimonies:

1. On Monday, we were doing some house cleaning and my wife discovered a grown scorpion among the children’s teddy bears… We assumed it was dead as we had done some light fumigation some days prior… Only for her to try and pack it up and it started running before we were able to kill it. Thank God that it was us who discovered it and not one of the children… God kept us.

2. On Tuesday, my wife’s cousin came to help her with some cooking and unknowingly turned on the oven burner before eventually lighting the top burner… I was trying to catch up with some work when I heard a loud explosion – the gas in the oven had reached critical mass and ignited. The glass outside the oven shattered and was scattered all over the kitchen. My wife and her cousin were both inches away from the gas cooker. Neither of them had a scratch. Indeed The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever because apart from the fact that none of them was hurt, most times the kids hang around the kitchen with us while we cook. Thank God for His mighty deliverance.