Praise the lord church we have come to give God all the glory for all he has done. In June when Pastor Sola came to the UK we were privileged to meet with him a day before Mercy Encounters UK , and we told him our daughter was diagnosed with autism. He immediately said she doesn’t have Autism, and he said he will pray for all children the next day, which was Mercy Encounters. 

A couple of weeks later, during a review meeting in her school, the head of the

department for children with special needs, who was part of the team that diagnosed her and also told us she may need to go to a special school and almost every other week had something negative to say about her, told us of massive improvement in her and how she has improved so much and she doesn’t need much support again, because she is doing everything by herself now and also she doesn’t need to go to a special school anymore.

Also God blessed us with another property, which was beyond our imagination, because at a point it was looking impossible, but God brought a policy that made us pay less a couple of weeks to the completion of the purchase. People of God, God has been faithful to us and has blessed us in every area. Praise the lord.