I want to praise Almighty God for showing His mighty hand in my career. I had been believing God for a new remote job since last year. There was so much uncertainty around my previous role, and uncertainty in the organization as a whole that it just felt like I was sitting on a time bomb. I did what I could on my own part; gathered attractive certifications, rewrote my CV and cover letter, etc. I applied for hundreds of jobs, no joy.

In April, I decided to try a professional career branding firm in a bid to improve my chances. I paid for them to rewrite my CV and cover letter, rejig my LinkedIn, etc. Soon after I did that, the Holy Spirit nudged me, “Is it CV that brings jobs or God that grants favour?”. So, I said you know what, I’ll sow a seed because “…Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it”. I sowed double what I paid the career branding firm.

Then, come and look at God!

I’d applied for a role in March. The job description fit me, but they wanted someone in the US. I applied, nevertheless. Surprisingly, they got back to me in April. And we began the recruitment process. 4 interviews and 1 month later, they made me an offer. It was more than double what I was earning. My start date is in 2 weeks – Glory be to God! One of the highlights here is that I got this job with my old CV (the one I had before I hired the firm to rewrite it), as if God really wanted to show me that it’s by favour and not by CV!

When I went to give my previous employers my 2-week notice. My director said that I had impeccable timing; that they were going to change the payment structure for all contractors starting next week. And this would’ve severely affected my pay so badly, the job wouldn’t be worth doing. Then, she recommended that I make this Friday my last day. Essentially, all of us contractors would be out of a job come Friday.

Brothers and sisters, you see my God?! He knew that my previous role was ending. And He lined up a new role for me just in time. Under incredible circumstances – they weren’t hiring outside the US, but they broke protocols for me. God did it. My God did it o! Help me praise Him because if all my body na so so mouth, e no reach oooooo! 

Thank you, Jesus!