Good morning Church,

I want to bless the name of the Lord for He is great and greatly to be praised.

I have been trusting God for a change of Job for a while now.

I applied for a multinational job sometime in late 2022 but I did not get it. 

During services when testimonies of people landing multinational jobs are being read, I  would key into them , trusting that mine will also be read soon. Sometimes, I will ask “God when”?

In one of the services in 2023, Pastor Joshua Ademuwagun gave a word of wisdom that there is someone that had applied for a job earlier but didn’t get it. He said the person should go back and reapply and the person will get it.

Soon,another opening came up at that same Organization and I reapplied.

God did it in a way that exceeded my expectations.

I got the job with mouth whetting benefits and the pay is over 300% of my current salary.

People of God help me praise this Wonder working God.