During the conference, I was concerned about how I would transport myself due to cash shortage and then security issues at a junction I take home but I came anyway. By divine providence on Friday night, I got a vehicle that took me home, that same vehicle took me to church and back to a bus stop close to my place from that Friday night till Sunday Afternoon.

The next day, which was Saturday, a family relative who I have not spoken to since last year called me but I refused to take his call. I know him as someone who is very stingy – he would send me to do stuff for him and find it very hard to give enough money for transportation. He kept calling till Sunday. After I had rested at home on Sunday evening I decided to call him back. When we spoke he mentioned that he was going to send me a 100 thousand Naira for the task he asked me to do for him last year.

I was shocked but acted like nothing happened and reluctantly sent the account number after a couple of minutes. By the time I woke up the following Morning, I saw the alert. The most surprising thing is that I never in my wildest imaginations would have seen it coming – remember I said this person is very stingy. In fact, when I told my sister who knows him, she was also very shocked. This can only be a miracle.