Good day Church,

Recently, I was arrested by the Holy Spirit and He helped me to take my walk with GOD a little more seriously. I don’t think I can fully nor accurately describe my experience since then. My joy has been full and I have been filling up my ears with the messages from Pastor Sola, our other pastors and invited ministers at the just concluded conference.

Church, all I can say is that The Lord is instant in his works. In less than two weeks of this slightly deeper walk, I’ve crossed thresholds I usually wouldn’t have. One of which is miraculously becoming the second unit director for a film production with major, global talents in Nigeria. It is a miracle cos I wouldn’t have dreamt of it so soon. 

Family, be encouraged. That walk? Start the journey. That altar? Erect it. This GOD, He is true and alive! Serve Him and listen to His servant Pastor Sola. Please, do.