Praise the Lord!

According to the Bible, those who wait on the Lord will not be ashamed. His mercies are more than enough for me. I want to thank the Lord for keeping his promises.

After Covid, it was clear that the consequences would be severe in my industry. A lot of companies went bankrupt, and my company was going through a particularly difficult period. There were issues with salary payments as early as December 2021, and by 2022 I was owed more than 6 months’ salary.

I had been praying to God for not just a new job, but one that paid twice as much as I was currently earning.

By the end of March….my wife and I decided to attend the workers’ meeting even though we hadn’t resumed in our respective departments yet, with the hope that April will be a month of rebirth.

After the meeting, I received a text message from a company that I had previously interviewed with, congratulating me on getting the job. Hallelujah!!

The salary is three times what I was previously earning!

My former office decided to pay a portion of my unpaid wages when I started the job.

I praise God for his mercies because I believe that HE who began these good works is able, and just to complete them.

We anticipate more miracles in the coming months, and I am confident that HIS grace will be sufficient for me and my family.