Good morning church.

I was having a growth around my neck late last year. I was prescribed some drugs which I took, and the growth reduced; but it was still hard and I was scared. My mum was also scared she didn’t want anything that would lead to surgery.

At the conference this year, I attended believing God for divine healing. During a session, we were asked to place our hands anywhere we are believing God for healing and I kept on touching my neck to check if the growth had disappeared.

After the conference, the growth reduced very well and I was so happy  and I wanted to share my testimony but I eventually forgot.

Later, the growth came back and this time it was painful. I started praying for healing again. On a particular Sunday, pastor mentioned that someone here was having a growth that we should touch the place. I quickly touched my neck and pastor prayed. After that day, the growth started reducing and now is gone completely and never to return! 

Please help me thank God because He is indeed a merciful father!