Good morning people of God. 

On Monday, 8th of May, I left the house very early for work and got to the bus stop by 5am. There were many people and few vehicles. A vehicle parked in front of me so I didn’t have to struggle with space for one passenger.

Immediately he drove off to the express, I started feeling nervous, and uncomfortable. I reached for the door handle and realised that there was no way to bring down the glass, because it was all the way up, and there was no handle to even open the door from inside. Before I could ask the old man driving why it was like that, the two men sitting at the back with me grabbed me by the neck, covered my mouth, they were saying something that sounded like an incantation, but all I could say was “BLOOD OF JESUS”. They asked me to shut up but my lips didn’t stop saying ”BLOOD OF JESUS”. 

They dragged me to the floor of the car, covered me with bags and put their legs on me. They were confused for a while, and gave me my phone to unlock while I was on the floor of the car being stepped on. I unlocked it and immediately deleted my bank app. The scariest looking one amongst them wanted to pull out my earrings and neck chain with force, that was really painful. I pleaded to take them off and I gave him all. The other man asked the driver to stop so I could come down but the scary one said “throw her out fast, let go”. The other man insisted and  said no, “stop for her” . They removed the coverings, lifted me from the floor of the car, I alighted, and surprisingly, he handed over my bag, the money they took and even my phone. I was completely lost for a moment, they turned and drove off. 

Amidst tears, I burst into laughter because really NOTHING MISSING, NOTHING BROKEN. I mean, they gave me back my stuff, no injuries, no scratches, except for the earrings and chains. And when I called my people to explain, they were all surprised too. A friend at work even asked where I worship, I did not hesitate to say HOUSEHOLD OF DAVID.   I am a living testimony,