Our God is good and his mercy endures forever.

In 2021, God gave me an instruction to give “first fruit” that year and that I should present it to Pastor Sola. I obeyed and he prayed for me.

To the Glory of God, I experienced speed in my business and it was very very massive. In  my 6 years of business, I had never experienced this huge turnover. In 2022, I did not give my first fruit because of the circumstances surrounding my marriage which the Lord has now resolved.

This year I was led again to give my first fruit. To the glory of God, I gave 10x of what I gave in the year 2021. I thank God I obeyed God. During that period I was in debt – in fact, to even eat was challenging but I thank God I obeyed God.

Secondly, I invited a neighbor to the mercy conference. She has been having back pains since she had twins but now she is perfectly healed .

Thirdly, I also was healed of neck pains during the Mercy conference.

Indeed our God is a faithful God and he keeps to His Word.

Sis A.A