Praise the Lord Church! 

We believe this testimony should not be delayed anymore.  

My wife and I want to return our appreciation to the Lord who answers prayers, honours the words of His servants and performs the counsel of His messengers.  Two years after our first child, we started trying to have another baby but the devil wanted to prove himself. My wife got pregnant but it ended in a miscarriage. We felt disturbed because this is not the first time we were experiencing this sad occurrence. 

After the miscarriage and evacuation, several months passed and the menstrual period refused to return. For close to 6 months, the menses would not flow except for monthly spotting for a day or two. We started praying and trusting God to step in and He actually did. One morning my wife told me she had a revelation in which she saw Pastor Abby laying hands on her and praying for her, so I said “ok maybe that is instructive, why not go see her physically explain what is going on and let her pray for us”. And as God would have it, the following day was a Sunday and that particular Sunday in October last year was when Pastor Sola called all the pastors out to minister to everybody in church individually in all the services. 

That day during the second service, I was opportune to be directed to where Pastor Abby was standing and I told her about the issue of trying to get pregnant along with a couple of other prayer requests. In the afternoon that same day after Church services my wife also saw Pastor Abby. Mama prayed a simple prayer affirming that it is done, and she asked her “you are now pregnant right?” Men and brethren, in the following month of November, the monthly spotting now even refused to come and when she told me the spotting didn’t come I told “remember what Pastor Abby said, maybe you are now Pregnant”. 

A week later, we decided to do a pregnancy test and it was strongly positive. We thought it was a joke so we went for a scan, and behold it was confirmed!! 

We celebrate God’s faithfulness and the Anointing upon our Pastors, may their oil never run dry in Jesus name. Amen!!! 

Mr and Mrs A