Good morning church,  I want to thank God for his mercies 

At my place of work we close by 5pm but due to the fuel situation, the warehouse manager closes around past 4pm. On Monday(5th of June), I delayed him for no reason till past 5pm. He was very angry and complained to the cleaner, store keeper and my direct boss that I delayed him, so I apologized and went home.  

I resumed at the office the next day Tuesday(6th of June) and he said as soon as he got out of the office, he saw his cousin who they have been looking for since Friday (2nd of June) and called her name (Anu) and she turned and ran to him.

According  to him , they stay in mushin, so she had been trekking from mushin to Ojota (new garage). Please note the child doesn’t know his office, she is 10 years old. Someone sent her on her errand with some other children and she missed her way as she has special needs.

Indeed testimonies are everywhere around.