HOD praise my Jehovah Overdo!!!

Last Sunday after the Ascend Business Summit, I started browsing for a machine I didn’t have a dime for before I slept off. The machine online cost a lot – in fact, I was checking for the smallest one because I really needed the machine to give me an edge in my business. 

I woke up on Monday morning, prayed and read the book of Isaiah 60. That same morning, I saw someone had posted that same machine on his status, and I asked “how much can I get the second hand or third hand of this machine for a small amount?”.He then called the name of the person who wanted to sell the machine, and behold, the person was my HOD while in the university. I immediately called him. He was amazed to hear from me and He asked how much I had. I said I had nothing at the moment but that I would give him one third of the cash by December and spread it till February. Immediately, he said I should go and pick it to start using it and that we’ll talk about the payment in December.

I can’t be more grateful for this. Now I understand what it means to be favoured.

Brother A. E