I applied for a 2 year visitors visa in order not to be going back and forth to the embassy every 6 months but to my amazement, I was given 6 months instead of the 2 years and I had to start planning to travel within the 6-month window though I wasn’t really ready.

I asked around if what the UK home office did was fair and some said I should be grateful that I was even given the visa but in my heart I had a nudge to write them stating I made payment for 2 yrs and not 6 months. When I didn’t get a response in two weeks ,I went ahead to buy my ticket for October. Few weeks before my travel date, I saw an email which the home office wrote saying I should return my passport to the visa TLS contact within 10 days of the written mail and stating categorically that I shouldn’t travel. I almost missed that date because I just had two more days left before the deadline.

To the glory of God, the passport arrived about a month ago. I remember Pastor Sola saying God was granting access for visa during an edition of  Mercy Encounters and I claimed it. 

Behold I was given my two years visa I paid for. God is too faithful to fail.