Good morning church,

One of my siblings struggled with drug addiction, causing major concerns for our family as we were constantly worried about his well-being. Research indicated that the life expectancy of individuals addicted to that drug was only 7 years. This was frightening.

Earlier this year, Pastor Sola taught us the power of the prayer of mercy. Since that day, when anxiety loomed over my brother, my only recourse was to fervently pray for mercy over his life. All I kept saying was “God Have Mercy”

To the glory of God, as of November 2023, it has been 10 months since my brother became clean and kicked the addiction. He has returned to school, demonstrating a renewed commitment to his life. Despite the attempt by Satan to destroy us, mercy prevailed and said no.

Secondly, I hoped for a promotion at my workplace because there was an opening. Despite my dedicated efforts and the fact that I had been filling in for the role after my boss resigned, I was disappointed to learn that I wouldn’t be given the position. This was disheartening as it would have doubled my salary.

I badly needed a pay raise and some career growth so I activated the code “God, have mercy.” I kept seeking divine mercy.

To my delight, an opportunity emerged with another company. Though the role required 6 years of experience, and I only had 3, I persisted in applying. To my surprise, I was shortlisted, and long story short, I secured the job. It not only came with a salary six times higher but also a regional position with international travels. I didn’t believe it until I got my first alert and the numbers were too many. Indeed I and my family have encountered the mercies of God in HOD.


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