During service last week, Pastor Sola prayed for anyone who was discouraged, asking that within 24 hours, God would make a move around them that would bring them encouragement.

I had been discouraged for days and struggled to pray. I’d joined service online that morning seeking a lifeline and when Pastor Sola said those prayers, it seemed as though God spoke specifically to my situation.

Later, during the service, while trying to send my offering via transfer, I noticed a missed call from someone I hadn’t heard from in a while. Shortly after service, I returned the call, but there was no response. However, she called back the next day saying she wanted to check on me and after the uplifting conversation we had, she sent me some money – an amount that surpassed my expectations.

I am so grateful to God for moving in my life to bring me encouragement when I needed it and I’m grateful to God for our Pastor who prays for and speaks God’s Word to us in every season.

Praise God.


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