Good morning church,

Earlier this year, I was in a lot of debt. I had spoken with Pastor Sola about it and he
had prayed with me while I was taking steps to repay. I came for Mercy Encounters very
expectant and when the testimony about debt cancellation was read last Sunday, I
keyed into it completely and claimed my miracle of mercy.

Thinking of how to “show mercy to obtain mercy”, I didn’t have any debts to forgive but I
remembered a particular vendor whose payment I had delayed because they didn’t
deliver as promised and cost me money and I immediately sent all the money with me
as part of their payment.

A few days later, a company I had contracted for reached out to me about full-time
employment offering me a 7-figure salary along with other benefits and hoping I could
resume as soon as possible. While I was still mulling over their offer, someone from the
presidency reached out to me about handling an urgent project also in seven figures
and they have since made a deposit to commission the project.

My head is still spinning! Indeed when The Lord turned our captivity, we were as them
that dreamed! What an awesome God we serve!

Bro. C.K.

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